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Color Therapy Books

Color Therapy Book, Colour Energy

Let There Be Light by Darius Dinshah

An Intoduction to Color Therapy

Color Therapy Charts

Color Therapy Octaves Chart

Scientific Color Therapy and Sound Therapy Wheel

Songaia Color and Sound Therapy Wheel

Large Color Therapy Relationship Chart

Small Color Therapy Chart

Therapeutic Color and Sound Therapy Wheel

Color Therapy Glasses

Aqua (Turquoise) Round Style Color Therapy Glasses

Blue Round Style Color Therapy Glasses

Green Round Style Color Therapy Glasses

Indigo Round Style Color Therapy Glasses

Magenta (Rose) Round Style Color Therapy Glasses

Orange Round Style Color Therapy Glasses

Red Round Style Color Therapy Glasses

Violet (Purple) Round Style Color Therapy Glasses

Yellow Round Style Color Therapy Glasses

Possible Health Benefits of Color Therapy

Autism in Children - Help with Color

Help for Dyslexia with Colors. Dyslexia Treatment.

Parkinsons Disease

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