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Color Therapy Associations

Colors each have a different set of emotions and color healing properties associated with it. Red is a powerful color. It takes self-confidence for a woman to wear a bright red outfit. Blue is relaxing. But we also speak of "having the blues" because too much blue can be depressing. Baby girls are often dressed in pink. It is a soft, gentle color.

By using bath color therapy or wearing Color Therapy Glasses, the color can be integrated into your body through your skin during a bath or through your eyes while wearing color glasses. The colors can then affect your mood and emotions.

You can use a Color Therapy Chart to choose which color to use. Our charts will show you color associations with common health issues, symptoms, emotional issues, the body's energy centers, organs, musical notes and more.

Or you can simply choose the color that "feels right." Your body knows what it needs.

Read more about color therapy or possible color therapy medical benefits.


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RED   "I Will"

ASSOCIATED WITH: Vitality, self-confidence, feeling of security and safety, courage, power, aggressiveness, nervousness, vigor, force and energy.

REPORTED BENEFITS: Energy, excitement, confidence, vitality, builds will power, settled-ness, feeling of safety and security, builds and stimulates the five senses, all B vitamins.

CONNECTS US TO: Our physical self.


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ORANGE   "I Feel"

ASSOCIATED WITH: Resourcefulness, sociability, happiness, success, confidence.

REPORTED BENEFITS: Social confidence, helps remove inhibitions, joyfulness, enjoyable relationships, expanded interests and activities, all B vitamins.

CONNECTS US TO: Our Emotional Self.


Color Therapy Associations

YELLOW   "I Can"

ASSOCIATED WITH: Cheerfulness, mental clarity, wisdom, self esteem, inspiration, stimulating curiosity and interest.

REPORTED BENEFITS: Easing of depression, greater self-esteem, empowerment, confidence, courage, energy, vitamin A.

CONNECTS US TO: Our mental self.


Color Therapy Associations

GREEN   "I Love"

ASSOCIATED WITH: The master color, balance, peace, renewal, love, harmony, self control, life, growth.

REPORTED BENEFITS: Rest, calmness, stress reduction, sense of balance and normality, relaxation of muscles, nerves and thoughts.

CONNECTS US TO: Unconditional love.


Color Therapy Associations

BLUE   "I Speak"

ASSOCIATED WITH: Communication, personal expression, creativity, decisiveness, vitality, knowledge, health.

REPORTED BENEFITS: Clear communication, confidence in speaking, mental relaxation, calmness, helps with sleep. Ideal for hyperactive children. Balances hormones.

CONNECTS US TO: Holistic thought.


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INDIGO   "I See"

ASSOCIATED WITH: Serenity, stillness, understanding, imagination.

REPORTED BENEFITS: Accurate perception, imagination, greater intuition and awareness, understanding, strong deep sleep, vitamin K.

CONNECTS US TO: Our unconscious self.


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TURQUOISE (AQUA)   "I Express"

ASSOCIATED WITH: Soothing feeling, purity, oratory, calmness, confidence, openness, cooling, relaxing.

REPORTED BENEFITS: Loving expressiveness, helps concentrations and control over speech which will allow freedom of expression, helps with sleep and building of the immune system.

CONNECTS US TO: Our expression.


Color Therapy Associations

VIOLET   "I Know"

ASSOCIATED WITH: Creativity, beauty, inspiration.

REPORTED BENEFITS: Selflessness, generosity, enhanced artistic ability and creativity, calms nerves, reduces excitement and irritation, strong deep sleep, vitamin D.

CONNECTS US TO: Our spiritual self.


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MAGENTA   "I Balance"

ASSOCIATED WITH: Balancing of emotions, for both the over and under emotional, soothing and relaxing.

REPORTED BENEFITS: Relaxation, balancing emotions.


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ASSOCIATED WITH: Relaxation, stress relief, calming aggression.

REPORTED BENEFITS: May act as an appetite suppressant.

Read more about Baker-Miller Pink.


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Read more about color therapy.

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