Color therapy books - Colour Energy by Inger Naess, Let There Be Light by Darius Dinshah, An Introduction to Colour Energy by Inger Naess.Man knows so much and does so little. - Inventor Buckminster Fuller
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Color Therapy Books

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Color Therapy Information Books

Color Therapy Books

Let There Be Light

by Darius Dinshah

Dunshah P. Ghadiali (1873-1966) was an early color therapy practitioner. He worked with a device which he called the Spectro-Chrome where he shined a light bulb through different colored filters. His research and experiments indicated that the body could be adjusted from disease to health by exposing it to color. Today the medical community uses this concept to treat Bilirubin Symdrome (jauntice) in newborns by exposing the infant to blue light.

Dinshah called his treatment "tonation." An alphabetized list of 400 disorders is included. The list is then expanded to explain the colors to use and the area where the colors would be applied. A chart diagramming those areas is included.

The last chapter has instructions for easily constructing your own device which functions like a genuine Spectro-Chrome machine.

Hardbound. 125 pages. ISBN 0933917309

Color Therapy Books

An Introduction to Colour Energy Booklet

By Inger Naess

This 18 page booklet by Inger Naess gives you an overview of the why and how behind color therapy, including the theory behind it. She explains color therapy vibration. Color is really light split into different wave lengths which vibrate at different speeds and frequencies.

Colors are wave lengths of energy. Colors appear because an object will either reflect or absorb different wavelengths. A white object reflects all colors and absorbs none. Black objects absorb all colors and reflect none. A green object absorbs all colors except green.

Chakras are our body's energy centers. If these energy centers are out of balance, we may become ill or our emotions may be affected. Each color has a corresponding energy center and can be used to bring it back into balance.

In this booklet, Inger Naess discusses each color and its associations, area it may help and when to use it.

Softbound. 18 pages. ISBN: 096808413

Color therapy books - Colour Energy by Inger Naess, Let There Be Light by Darius Dinshah, An Introduction to Colour Energy by Inger Naess.

Colour Energy

By Inger Naess


This is a comprehensive book about color therapy. Its 192 pages are filled with information. It thoroughly covers the seven chakra colors (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet). It is simply a beautiful book that you will treasure.

The book goes into each color in depth. Here are the topics which are covered:

  • Why you are a certain color, that is, what characteristics you have which relate to that color
  • Chakra, Organs and Glands - Which energy center, organs and glands does the color associate with?
  • Money and Success - What it means to you
  • Occupations - What fits
  • Health - Concerns and benefits
  • Sex - How you relate
  • Children - Characteristics
  • Parents - Characteristics
  • Relationships - How your color relates to each of the other colors
  • Food - Which foods contain that color
  • Gemstones
  • Energy Drinks - Health benefits based on color
  • Affirmations
  • Interior Design - How color in your home creates certain effects
  • Too Much - Effects of too much of that color energy
  • Too Little - Effects of too little of that color energy

In addition to the discussion on the individual colors, the following topics are discussed:

  • History of color and energy
  • What is color energy?
  • What is a chakra?
  • Are you only one color?
  • The effect of color
  • Positive and negative qualities of each color
  • How to live in balance
  • How to use your energies positively in your daily life
  • The art of living
  • And much more

Hardbound. 192 pages. ISBN: 0968080405

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